Unlock opportunity with FTTP powered by CityFibre

Unlock opportunity with FTTP

Make unreliable broadband a thing of the past

CityFibre is the UK’s largest independent fibre network operator, with purpose-built infrastructure designed for the digital future.

Through DWS, you can start selling their FTTP solution, offering synchronous speeds of 1Gbps, in areas Openreach aren’t yet building, meaning you have less competition when future-proofing your customers.

Greater product reliability

Expand your fibre footprint

Same speeds up and down

Future-proof technology


As Britain becomes increasingly digital, the way the nation consumes goods and services is changing at pace and this is driving the need to look for faster and smarter ways to operate. Fast, resilient full fibre connectivity is needed to underpin this digital revolution that is seeing data consumption accelerate at a phenomenal rate.

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