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Symmetrical speeds that won’t let your customers down

Guaranteed speeds of 200Mbps, burstable up to 1Gbps where available

An affordable, future-proof Ethernet solution

Full fibre Ethernet at a price point comparable to EFM

Reach new customers in 29 UK locations

Offer fibre Ethernet across the UK in any of CityFibre’s on-net towns and cities

What is Fibre Flex?

Fibre Flex is an ultra-competitive and innovative product that offers a symmetrical, guaranteed 200Mb service but allows the customer to use up to 1Gb whenever possible, at no extra cost. Run over CityFibre’s independent network, Fibre Flex differs from Dedicated Full Fibre Ethernet because it uses a shared fibre within the tail end that is common between a small number of other customers.

CityFibre’s network is now present in 29 locations across the UK, and continues to grow.

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