Enhance your Ethernet offering with Guardian Security

Enhance your Ethernet offering with free Guardian Security*

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Guardian Mail

Up to 12 months free and £1.55 per user, per month thereafter

Total Saving: 44%

Guardian Mail & Web Protect

Up to 12 months free Guardian Mail and £1.85 per user, per month thereafter.

Guardian Web Protect: £3.40 per user, per month (usually £3.70)

Total Saving: 22%

  • 46%

46% of global businesses have experienced a cybersecurity breach since transitioning to remote working
  • 15%

15% of businesses claim they do not have the IT security resources to support an agile workforce
  • 41%

41% of companies cite price as a primary concern when considering new security software

Why sell Guardian Security with Ethernet?

Add value to your existing connectivity offering by bundling Ethernet with Guardian Security, providing essential protection, at no extra cost to you for up to 12 months.

With the elevated risks of remote working, your customers need cybersecurity more than ever. Help to mitigate these risks with enterprise-grade software.

DWS offers full protection through Guardian Mail and Guardian Web Protect, two highly reliable, scalable and richly featured Cloud-based email security services.

Give your monthly recurring revenue a boost at no extra cost to you

Become your customers’ trusted security provider

Protect your customers from over 90% of online threats

Integration with the world’s largest threat intelligence service

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Guardian Email Security Ethernet Promotion Terms and Conditions:

  • 4 months free email security on a 12 month contract, 12 months free email security on 36 month contract.
  • Guardian Security EMAIL Ethernet promotion: 4 or 12 months free and £1.55 per user per month thereafter (normally £1.85, total saving 44%).
  • Guardian Security EMAIL & WEB Ethernet promotion: 4 or 12 months at £1.85 (Email Security is free) and £3.40 per user per month thereafter (normally £3.70, total saving 22%).
  • Minimum term of 12 or 36 months applies on Guardian Security, depending on the offer taken up. The same term doesn’t have to be picked on Guardian Security and Ethernet, you can mix and match terms.
  • Applicable to all new orders (plus those orders that are currently in progress) of Ethernet.
  • Offer can be taken up any time once the Ethernet circuit has been ordered, and you don’t have to wait for the Ethernet to go live to order and start using Guardian Security.
  • The minimum term for Guardian Security will start once the service is provisioned (SLA is 1 working day from point of order).
  • An order for Guardian Security must be placed no later than a month after the Ethernet service has gone live in order to take advantage of this offer. For clarity, Guardian Security can be ordered and this offer taken up any time between the Ethernet order being placed and up to 1 month after the Ethernet service has gone live.
  • If the Ethernet order is cancelled, or the Ethernet service ceased, the Guardian Security service will continue (unless requested to be ceased) at the promotion pricing for the remainder of the term that’s left on the Guardian product, and thereafter on a monthly reoccurring basis.
  • If the Guardian Security service is ceased, or the number of users is reduced below the initial order level, prior to the end of the minimum term of the Guardian product, an Early Termination Fee will apply, equivalent to the remainder of the minimum term.
  • All prices correct as of 12th August 2020.
  • DWS reserves the right alter or withdraw this promotion at any time.
  • All standard Guardian Security terms and conditions apply, please see the Guardian Security contract for more information.