General Condition: C7 Switching

General Condition: C7 Switching

This Policy Statement applies to Digital Wholesale Solutions Limited (CRN: 4211657) and/or Digital Wholesale Solutions Worldwide Limited (CRN: 4290183) and/or Anglia Telecom Centres Limited (CRN: 2114602) and/or each of its subsidiary companies.

Our Obligations

Under Ofcom’s General Conditions of Entitlement DWS are required to ensure that you, as our Partner, are aware of your requirements under this General Condition (GC).

Your Obligations

GC C7 covers the requirements that must be in place for the customer switching process, including:

  • Preventing mis-selling
  • Information at the point of sale
  • The customer’s termination rights
  • Records retention and record of consent
  • Notification letters for both the losing and gaining provider
  • General requirements – responsibility, training and monitoring
  • Publication of information
  • Use of ‘cancel other’
  • Working line takeovers

With regards to publication of information as a regulated provider you must publish either a copy of GC C7 or a link located on your website. Further, Ofcom stipulate that a copy of GC C7 must be provided to a switching customer free of charge upon reasonable request.

Ofcom’s General Conditions of Entitlement