CityFibre is now available in Derby

CityFibre are expanding their reach

Now available in Derby

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Diversify your offering with Fibre Flex

Unique shared fibre Ethernet with guaranteed bandwidth of 200Mb and burstable up to 1Gb when available, at no extra cost

Competitive pricing plus a cash bonus on new orders*

Order before the end of March 2021 and get a cash bonus of up to £175 for each new CityFibre circuit

Stay ahead of the market

CityFibre bring full fibre to locations where other providers are not so active, meaning you can be one of the first to market in Derby, plus another 28 towns and cities

Get a cash bonus of £100 with Fibre Flex

Fibre Flex is an ultra-competitive and innovative product that offers a symmetrical, guaranteed 200Mb service but allows the customer to use up to 1Gb whenever possible, at no extra cost. Fibre Flex differs from dedicated full fibre Ethernet because it uses a shared fibre within the tail end that is common between a small number of other customers.

With every new order of Fibre Flex with DWS until the end of March 2021, you’ll receive a cash bonus of £100!

Cashback of up to £175 with Dedicated Full Fibre Ethernet

CityFibre’s dedicated full fibre Ethernet offers 100Mb or 1Gb bandwidth options and a dedicated fibre tail from the local POP to the customer’s premises, at fantastic competitive prices.

When you place a new order for a 100Mb bearer, you’ll receive a cash bonus of £75, or order a new 1Gb circuit, you’ll get £175!

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*Terms & Conditions:
  • Offer ends 31st March 2021
  • Rebate reconciliation will be at the end of the three months
  • Bonus paid on billed orders only
  • No cap on number of orders
  • Available on new orders only; any cancelled and replaced orders will not be eligible for the bonus.

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