FTTP Roll Out: New Exchanges Announced

Openreach have recently added a further 51 exchanges to the fibre rollout programme, announcing plans for the named exchanges to enter a Stop Sell on 4th January 2022, meaning premises connecting to these exchanges will no longer be able to purchase new copper-based products if FTTP is available to them; if a premise does not have access to FTTP, only Single Order broadband products, MPF and WLR will be available.Stop Sell notices are issued when an exchange has over 75% of Customers Ready For Service (CRFS) Ultrafast enabled, or when there is a high guarantee that the exchange will reach 75% within the next 12 months.

In addition to the Stop Sell, Openreach will also enforce a “No Move Back to Copper” policy from the date of the Stop Sell notification, so it is important to ensure your customers have migrated all their services to a Single Order variant and IP-based alternatives to avoid loss of service.

Openreach have now announced Stop Sells for 221 exchanges across the UK, including Salisbury which came into effect in December 2020 and Mildenhall, scheduled for May 2021. To find out more about these exchanges and start preparing your affected customers, download our FTTP Exchanges Resource Pack, below.

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