5 benefits of home working

Whether you are just now implementing home working in light of current events, or have encouraged your teams work remotely for years, it’s important to know the benefits and drawbacks of this style of working for both your business and your employees.

We’ve pulled together five reasons to encourage remote working, plus three challenges you may face and how you can overcome them.

The Benefits

1. Increased Productivity

By giving employees the freedom to work where they feel most comfortable, you can increase productivity within your business significantly. In a 2019 report by Owl Labs, 79% of remote workers reported increased productivity. Though we might think being at home could offer hundreds of new distractions, many home workers find not having colleagues around to talk to helps them stay focused on the task at hand.

2. Reduced Turnover

By offering employees the flexibility to work from anywhere, you are likely to see less staff turnover. Team members can set their own work-life balance, resulting in happier employees who are more likely to remain loyal to your company. In fact, Forbes reports that once flexible working has been offered, businesses see an average reduction of 12% in turnover.

3. Green Credentials

In addition to the advantages for both businesses and employees, remote working and telecommuting offers fantastic environmental benefits. Without the need for a commute to work, there are fewer cars on the road, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption.

4. Make Better Use of Technology

With the constant evolution of technology, we now have all the tools needed to make working from home possible, from fibre connectivity to VoIP to IM. While many office-based companies, particularly SMEs, may not see a requirement for collaboration and conferencing tools, with the growing remote workforce, they have the opportunity to use these applications to their full potential.

5. Save Money

Both businesses and employees can save money while remote working. From the small everyday savings on transport and lunch, to the larger expenditures of office rental and utilities, everyone can make savings while working from home.

The Challenges

1. Inclusivity

One of the biggest benefits of office-based working is the social aspect, that sense of community which is lacking when you work remotely. Working alone can be difficult and the lack of casual conversation can result in feelings of isolation. However, with tools, such as Skype, Teams and HV.Select, you can engage with your colleagues easily, over calls and instant messaging.

2. Security

When employees are working from home, their broadband likely doesn’t have the enterprise-grade security required to protect business operations, making them vulnerable to cyber attacks. To address these concerns, businesses should ensure all devices have web security software installed, such as Guardian Web Protect to ensure all online business is secure.

3. Collaboration

If you work in a collaborative team, you might be worried that you won’t be able to work so well with your colleagues, however, there are plenty of tools to allow you to continue working closely, no matter how far apart. Video conferencing can replace meetings and, using programmes like Teams, everyone can work from one document at one time.

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