Wholesale SIP and SIP2teams

Wholesale SIP with

Bring Voice to Microsoft Teams with SIP Trunking

What is ?

  • Direct Routing solution using your customers’ existing SIP trunks
  • Microsoft Teams becomes the PBX, enabling customers to make calls to the PSTN
  • Easy, remote set up utilising your customers’ existing SIP trunks
  • You continue to manage existing voice lines, numbers and bundles, only now they are used within Teams

Teams has 7 million active users in the UK
Only 8% of UK users currently benefit from using Teams for voice

Why choose over Microsoft Calling Plans?

Flexible with no long term commitment

30 Day Term.
No lengthy contracts.
No termination fees.
No min commitments.

Simple remote installation

SIP2teams can be deployed remotely with no need for a site visit.

Excellent market opportunity

Huge number of businesses are currently using Teams and have yet to add voice capability.

Tailor your own Direct Routing Solution

We do calls better than IT providers can.

How it works

Step 1

Place your SIP2teams order with our IP Voice Provide Team

Step 2

Log on to the SIP2teams portal and configure your SIP trunks for Teams

Step 3

Use Microsoft Teams for all call types

Why partner with DWS?

Trusted provider – The UK’s #1 independent communications provider
True partner – Simple low-risk wholesale terms, with potential margins of over 50%
Comprehensive portfolio – The one place for all your digital infrastructure needs
24/7 support – An army of brilliant people, smart tools and training to help you win
“I can safely say you guys have brought the A game!”
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Are you ready to benefit from this fantastic opportunity?

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