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Why the Channel is the perfect fit for the SMB ICT market

Find out how we can help you get your share of the £10bn SMB ICT market

At DWS, we believe every SMB should buy technology from an expert reseller like you!

At the start of 2022, we commissioned a survey of over 120 SMBs, and utilised market intelligence from leading sources, including CBI, EY and OECD. We combined this with feedback from our network of over 5,000 UK Channel partners to create a comprehensive white paper review of the SMB ICT market.

Our research shows us that SMBs are not only bouncing back, but in many industries and sectors, they are thriving. Technology is a significant catalyst in driving growth, innovation and creativity.

In 2022, SMBs are expected to invest an incredible £10bn in ICT to transform their businesses. However, half of this spending is not going to the Channel.

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