Smartphone Cameras

Smartphone Cameras

Smartphone camera technology is evolving

We’re no longer confined to basic picture quality on our phones, instead being able to deliver high quality photos and video that can rival traditional cameras. And it’s not just on the top-end smartphones either, with better technology coming to mid-tier and even entry level devices.
See what the latest smartphones are capable of in the photos below, recently taken on a camera test day in London.
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B2B use cases

We see smartphone cameras playing an important role in both your business, and that of your customers. Here’s three key areas where we think great smartphone cameras will prove useful.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality capability on- smartphones is already happening today. The Samsung Galaxy Note10+ and S10 5G, for example, come with a pre-loaded app, called Quick Measure, which uses AR and the phone’s 3D depth camera to give users near-instant measurements of an object they have in frame.

Notes & Annotations

The Galaxy Note10 range, amongst others, allows users to take photos and annotate them using a smart pencil. This function is ideal for designers, architects and other creatives as it allows you to work wherever you are, without the need for a notepad and pen.

High Quality Photos

Given the exceptional camera quality on some smartphones, it’s not too farfetched to suggest that, sometime in the near future, business customers will no longer require bulky camera equipment to capture high quality photos for things like product imagery.

Insights & Articles

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Testing the latest smartphone cameras

We took the latest smartphones from Samsung, Sony, Google and Nokia for a day out in London to put their cameras to the test and see how they compared.