Samsung Rugged for Transport & Logistics

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Samsung Rugged for Transport and Logistics

Samsung do more than provide ruggedized devices. They provide complete end-to-end solutions, tailored to individual industries.

In transport and logistics, speed and efficiency is everything. Customers are demanding a faster, more accurate and reliable service, and at a lower cost. Providers therefore need to find efficiencies and cost savings wherever they can.

In today’s smart warehouse, Samsung rugged devices with camera functions plus barcode and RFID scanners, simplify inventory management and improve the accuracy of picking for deliveries.

Out on the road, GPS tracking offers greater visibility for route planning and features like S Pen enable customer signatures to be captured, while couriers can also provide photographic evidence of their deliveries. Plus, with Samsung Knox, sensitive customer data is protected and encrypted securely on the device.

Nothing delivers like the Samsung Rugged range


Strong and reliable

Whether you’re outside making deliveries, operating in a warehouse, or travelling long distance, Samsung’s Galaxy Rugged range has been specifically designed to perform in the most challenging work environments. With MIL-STD 810 and IP68 certification, they’re built to withstand shocks and are water and dust resistant. Their rugged nature combines with the familiar features of a consumer device to bring your customers the best of both worlds.

Made for professionals

With a rugged device, there’s no need for a laptop, barcode scanner or clipboard – they’re all rolled into one. Programmable hot keys allow quick access to the most critical apps in a single press, while the mPOS feature enables seamless transactions for collect on delivery payments. Plus, for transport and logistics, the Augmented Reality feature brings a whole new dimension to deliveries and collections.

Maximum security

Samsung Knox defence-grade security is built into the hardware and software of all Galaxy Rugged devices, protecting the most sensitive data from malware and malicious attacks. And biometric face and fingerprint authentication ensures the user is the only person who can unlock their device.

Hard at work

Samsung’s Galaxy Rugged devices have been designed with frontline features, such as professional barcode scanners for real-time data capture and fast-charging replaceable batteries – enabling users in the field to focus on their tasks for longer. Galaxy Rugged devices deliver the digital transformational benefits that frontline employees have been sorely lacking because their previous mobile technology did not meet the demands of tough everyday jobs.

Mobile phones
Galaxy XCover Pro

A sleek and stylish premium rugged smartphone with industrial features for best-in-class business productivity in any business circumstance.


Galaxy Tab Active Pro

A business optimised rugged tablet featuring a large 10.1” display enabling industrial professionals to achieve best work performance.


Galaxy XCover 5

A compact, streamlined smartphone built to perform in harsh work environments, while still looking great.


Galaxy Tab Active3

A compact, hardwearing rugged tablet featuring an 8” display that’s ideal for business on the move.


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