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Introducing Samsung’s Computing range for business

Remote working, flexible hours, and reliance on technology have become commonplace. People have been empowered to work in a way that suits them, but so far this has been limited to hours rather than actual ways of working.

But as yet, laptops haven’t adapted in the same way. We’re still tethered to our desks, or more often our kitchen tables. The time has come for a laptop that enables mobility and gives a changing workforce what it needs.

Designed to be your anywhere office, the laptops combine high performance with astounding displays that are clearly visible inside or out. The computing for business range offers faster connectivity with both Wi-Fi and 4G compatibility. Plus, Samsung’s partnership with both Microsoft and Google has enabled them to create devices that can do so much to help your customers stay productive on the move.

Galaxy Book2

Galaxy Book2 is one seriously impressive laptop, combining power and portability so you can get to work on the go. It’s easy to carry around thanks to the aluminium casing, and with Wi-Fi 6 you can say goodbye to buffering and hello to super-smooth streaming. Plus, the 45W USB-C charger takes up no room at all and charges fast so you can get going again in no time.

Galaxy Book2 takes things up a notch in the power stakes. The latest Intel® 12th Gen processor delivers serious speed for smooth multitasking, and Intel® Iris® Xe graphics render everything beautifully. Whatever applications you’re running, the latest Windows 11 software ensures top performance.

Key Features

Compact, versatile and super-capable

Compact aluminium design, short charging cycles and super-fast Wi-Fi 6 connectivity set you free to work and play on your own terms.

Fluid switching and sharing

It’s all so smooth with Galaxy Book2. Effortless switching between devices and wireless file transfers cut out needless interruptions when you’re in the flow.

Standout speed and security

Galaxy Book2 always delivers peak performance thanks to its powerful processor, amazing graphics, and the very latest Windows 11 operating system.

Galaxy Book2 360

Unbelievably thin and with a fingerprint resistant finish, Galaxy Book2 360 is one sleek 2-in-1 touchscreen laptop. It handles everything you need it to – use it as a tablet for streaming and creative projects, flip open the keyboard to get some work done, or have a movie binge. Plus, it boots up instantly and delivers impressive all-day battery.

Galaxy Book2 360 boasts next level power thanks to its Intel® 12th Gen processor. And combined with its lightning-fast memory, you won’t miss a beat when multitasking. Windows 11 keeps everything running at peak performance, and the 33% brighter touch-AMOLED display delivers smartphone-like brightness for truly immersive entertainment.

Key Features

Outstanding power and portability

Working, streaming or multitasking, Galaxy Book2 360 handles it all with ease thanks to its slim, lightweight 2-in-1 touchscreen and immense battery life.

Uninterrupted flow

Connect your phone or tablet to Galaxy Book2 360 and sail through your workload. From setting up your Galaxy Tab as a second screen to wirelessly sharing files with Quick Share, it’s all wonderfully effortless.

High-powered work and entertainment

Next-level processing power, super-fast memory and a bright touchscreen display make Galaxy Book2 360 a formidable workhorse and stunning entertainment centre all in one.

Galaxy Book2 Business

Introducing the new Galaxy Book2 Business, Samsung’s fastest Galaxy Book yet. Combining next-level performance with ultra-durable, ultra-light hardware, it’s designed to make hybrid working easier than ever.

Featuring the new Intel® 12th processor, the Galaxy Book2 Business makes light work of running multiple apps, helping you get more done. It’s also been tested to MIL-STD 810H standards for high and low temperatures, vibration and shock. So, whether you’re working at home or out in the field, it won’t let you down.

Key Features

Improved video call experience

Enjoy a smooth, consistent video call, all while staying secure. With the Galaxy Book2 Business’ 1080p webcam you’ll be seen in your best light, while Dolby ATMOS Sound, on-air mic dual array and intelligent noise cancelling means any audio stays crystal clear.

Secured access

Control who accesses your Galaxy Book2 Business with Fido 2.0 Fingerprint input and a list of authorised users who have permission to unlock. This makes it easier for you to securely share devices, helping you boost collaboration and productivity.

Tough hardware that won’t let you down

No matter where you work, you won’t need to worry about hardware damage. The Galaxy Book2 Business is built to withstand even the toughest working environments.

Galaxy Book2 Pro

At 11.2mm and from just 870g, Galaxy Book2 Pro is ridiculously compact, but it still packs in immense all-day battery life on a full charge. It boots up in just seconds, and with 5G connection you get speedy internet without having to hunt around for WiFi passwords. And wherever you choose to take your video calls, the 1080p full HD wide angle camera ensures you’re always looking good.

Under the hood, Galaxy Book2 Pro flexes some serious processing muscle. With an Intel® 12th Gen processor and lightning-fast memory, multitasking across apps is seamless. The vivid-AMOLED display boasts eye-popping brightness for cinematic viewing. Plus, with Windows 11 Secured-core protection and Samsung’s own secure file sharing platform, all your stuff is safe from prying eyes and malicious attacks.

Key Features

Ready to perform everywhere

Lightning fast start-up, huge battery life and 5G connectivity make Galaxy Book2 Pro the super-capable laptop for work and entertainment.

Effortlessly in sync

If you like things to be effortless, Galaxy Book2 Pro has your back. Seamless switching between Galaxy devices and wireless file sharing make your life that little bit easier.

Epic power and protection

Super-fast and always secure, you can always count on Galaxy Book2 Pro to deliver. Multitasking goes up a level thanks to the epic Intel® 12th Gen processor and lightning-fast memory.

Chromebook 4 / 4+

The Samsung Chromebook 4 is compact, but is built for convenience. Slim and light, it’s also exceptionally portable: It won’t weigh you down, even if you have to carry it around with you all day. What’s more, it’s sturdy and ready to brave the elements with you – wherever you venture.

You won’t see any screws on the back of Samsung’s Chromebook 4. All of its sides are clean and smooth for a more eye-catching look.

Key Features

All-new solidity design

Samsung Chromebooks are as stylish as they are strong. They’re sleek, modern and slimline too, so they’re easy to carry around and use in any sort of work environment – in the office, on the go or at home.

Long-lasting battery

You don’t have to worry about leaving your charger behind when you’re using a Samsung Chromebook – the long-lasting battery will keep you going.

Military tested for durability

Chromebooks have been tested to military standards (Mil-STD-810 G)1, which means they’re strong enough to withstand drops, knocks, extreme temperatures and more.

Computing Challenge

There’s a sea of sameness in the world of business laptops, with many offering the same hardware but under a different badge. These devices haven’t adapted to the new world of work. And they’re not always equipped to bridge the gap to industry 4.0.

Many are clunky, require a multitude of cables and struggle to connect with wider business systems. They can sometimes be more of a hindrance than help to maximising productivity.

Computing Opportunity

Flexible working enables employees to work in a way that best suits them. Therefore, their computing device needs to be able to adapt to multiple needs and ways of working.

Samsung has developed a range of computing devices built upon its mobile heritage and expertise to meet the demands of a new world of work. Designed with thin and light hardware, they enable users to connect anywhere and with anything – delivering true business mobility.

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