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Viability is a powerful business tool designed to keep you in control by enabling you to build quotes and create bespoke, professional proposals for customers simply, quickly and securely.

The software delivers a detailed summary of revenue, customer spend, gross profit, and cash flow. Commercial output will change in real time as you add connections and hardware and factor in additional costs and funding.


Viability links directly into our in-house systems, drawing network tariff and commercial details from commission tables, and equips you with complete visibility of margins and hardware costs. Viability also allows you to easily compare the commercials to multiple alternative tariffs, networks and hardware, ensuring output is perfectly suited for your business, as well as for your customers’ needs.

Key features and benefits:

  • Easy access to manage all your deals
  • Order network connections and hardware quickly and efficiently
  • Live feed into network propositions, commercials and hardware pricing
  • React confidently and quickly
  • Take control of the sales process, throughout the course of your deal
  • Easy to use platform that allows you to build and submit professional customer proposals
  • Wide range of professional template themes
  • All necessary network compliance documents included
  • Incorporate bespoke information pages
  • Portray large enterprise professionalism

Why Digital Wholesale Solutions?

  • The highest partner satisfaction in the industry, with a Net Promoter Score of 50.5
  • Best products, best pricing and best support
  • A constantly evolving portfolio of digital infrastructure solutions
  • Training, collateral and specialist support available whenever and wherever you need it
  • We have the simplest, low risk commercial terms in the market
  • An award-winning, easy to use portal with rich APIs to help you meet your customers’ needs efficiently

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