One and Only Broadband

A single service ISDN replacement solution

One and Only Broadband

Openreach has announced that they will be ceasing the ISDN service in 2025.

Although this is still many years away, the writing is now firmly on the wall that Voice over IP (VoIP) services are the way forward. Customers have an immediate need for VoIP Quality of Service (QoS) for their hosted telephony and SIP trunking solutions in order for VoIP to become a true ISDN replacement. One and Only Broadband is a single service ISDN replacement for voice, data and WiFi with true QoS, exclusively designed for our hosted voice products, HV.Select and HV.Select SIP.

One and Only Broadband

Key features and benefits:

  • True QoS: prioritises voice over data traffic to ensure great call quality at all times
  • Managed enterprise class router: plug and play – saving on install time and minimising time spent on fault management
  • Monitoring tools: you can proactively monitor your customers’ networks, enabling a better customer support experience
  • Integrated WiFi: one box solution reduces cost
  • Exclusively designed for HV.Select and HV.Select SIP: fully integrated into our network with no compromise on quality allowing you to unlock additional revenue opportunities
  • Segregated VLAN for telephony: protects devices on the LAN with added protection for fraud and malicious activity
  • Direct connection to the HVS platform: voice traffic managed across the DWS network to the HV.Select platform giving your customers reliable call quality leading to improved customer satisfaction
  • 24/7 support: easy access to support when you need it – give your customers the best service available no matter what time of day
  • Designed for the channel with 30 day terms: simple but flexible commercial model suiting customers’ budgets

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