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Couple up smartphones with a wide range of tablets, laptops, wearables and more

When you think of hardware from Digital Wholesale Solutions, you probably assume this to be mobile devices and smartphones. But there is more to our offering than meets the eye – we can supply a wide range of other mobile and IT hardware from leading manufacturers and suppliers. That means a simple, reliable one-stop source for anything from a tablet or laptop to smartphone accessories and dongles and routers.

Our partners are perfectly placed to take advantage of our ability to source such a variety of hardware and can create bundled tech solutions for their customers. This opens additional streams of revenue for their business, whilst ensuring end customers remain loyal and profitable.

Take a look at some of what we can source below and contact sales for more information.


Digital Wholesale Solutions stocks and sources a number of feature-rich tablets from popular manufacturers including Apple, Samsung, Huawei and more. Our tablets range from entry level to high-end devices that suit business customers of all shapes and sizes. Be sure to ask about our additional tablet accessories too – including cases and smart keyboard covers.


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Are your customers asking for even more options to work on the go? We’ve got you covered. Speak to us about our ability to source the latest laptops from HP, Samsung and Dell, or ask us about our tablet crossovers, such as the Microsoft Surface Pro range.


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Support your customers with the next generation of mobile communication and productivity devices with a range of wearables from Digital Wholesale Solutions. This includes the latest smartwatches such as the Galaxy and Apple Watch – sourced at the most competitive price. It’s the ideal, complimentary device to your customer’s smartphones and tablets.


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Include an additional set of accessories for your customer’s device. Whether they need to protect their device from bumps and scratches, charge their phone on the or need a wireless set of headphones to do business on the go, we’ve the accessories available.


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