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Partnering as a reseller

Partners looking to own the contractual relationship with the end-user can work with us a reseller. We offer our comprehensive portfolio of services on a true wholesale model where the partner can buy for X and sell for Y, contracting with the end-user and providing first line support, billing and cash collection. With this partnership model, the services are fully white labelled, meaning they can be branded and marketed as their own.

And, of course, we provide our partners with comprehensive support including technical pre-sales, sales and marketing services, as well as white-labelled materials and resources.
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Partnering as a virtual reseller

This is a similar model to that of a reseller but, as a virtual reseller, the partner does not need to worry about any aspect of billing, cash collection or Direct Debit management. Instead, they are free to concentrate on selling to, and supporting, their end-user customers.
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Partnering as a dealer

As a partner on our dealer model, you would be concentrating on selling branded products. In support, Digital Wholesale Solutions provides the product, installation where needed, billing, cash collection and first and second line support.

In return, our dealer partners take a share of the revenue by way of a commission, often paid up-front rather than over the term of the contract sale. This model can be used in conjunction with either of our reseller models and is often used when there is requirement to advance cash realisation, or when starting in a new product arena.
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