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Digital Wholesale Solutions!

As Daisy Wholesale, Daisy Distribution and Daisy Worldwide, we have had another strong year of growth with our partners, winning together.

Thank you – we feel so proud of your continued support.

You’ve told us that you love the way we have kept things simple whilst bringing you great products, at great prices and with great support.

So, we’ve just made things even easier.

We’ve brought the Daisy channel businesses together into one – with a new name but with the same purpose.

So that partners of all shapes and sizes now have one place to come for all of their communications, IT and cloud needs.

Making it even more simple to access an even broader range of fabulous products, at outstanding prices and with brilliant support.

Digital Wholesale Solutions – the one place for all of your digital infrastructure needs.

Hear all about our new brand from our CEO, Terry O’Brien:

Digital Wholesale Solutions is a true partner, working with you to navigate the convergence of telecoms, IT and Cloud services to accelerate your success. Coming together as a new company, our aim is to bring a human touch to the world of business communications, building stronger relationships with each and every one of our partners to help you differentiate yourselves in the market.

We are really excited about this transformation and hope that you view this as an exciting opportunity to develop your product offering in partnership with a Channel trailblazer. Our partner-only proposition and people-focused principles were devised to keep you at the centre of our business because we believe that with Digital Wholesale Solutions, there is Power in Partnership.


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Why have you rebranded?
Our Channel-led businesses have been thriving in recent years so we decided to bring them together, to make it simpler for our partners to do business with us and, in turn, help the channel provide more value to their customers. By becoming Digital Wholesale Solutions, we are able to become the one trusted place for all of a partner’s digital infrastructure needs.
Are you still part of Daisy Group?
Yes, although we are an independent business, we are still part of the larger Daisy Group, meaning we still benefit from the group buying power, allowing us to obtain favourable pricing for our partners.
Have you been bought out?
No, we are still owned by Daisy Group so nothing has changed. We are just combining our Channel-led businesses under a new company name.
What does this mean for me?
Our changes will not affect you or your business. We will continue to work with you in the same way, you will just have more opportunities to obtain our products and services.
Do I still have the same point of contact, i.e. email addresses and phone numbers?
Individual company email addresses have changed to but if you do email a Daisy Group address, we will still receive it. Central functions, such as ticket, order and case updates via Daisy Central, will still come from Daisy Group email addresses for now.

The contact number for Wholesale is still the same, however for Distribution and Worldwide partners, the number is now 0330 100 1233.

Will the portals change?
Our portals will be updated to reflect our new brand and you will be redirected to a new portal URL but the functionalities will remain the same for now.
Are your products still the same?
Yes, our products have not changed but we will be offering a wider range of solutions to our partners, including IP Communications, Network Mobile, Global Voice and Product Supply.
Can I operate as both a reseller and a dealer with you? How does that work?
Yes, you can now choose whether you operate as a reseller or a dealer for each product, for example, if you already offer connectivity as a reseller, and now want to try out mobile offerings without the responsibility of owning the product, you can sign as a dealer partner with tariffs from one of the UK’s major carriers, selling network branded products with minimal financial risk to your business.
Is my business with you still secure?
Yes, you can be certain that your trusted relationship with Daisy remains as we transition to Digital Wholesale Solutions.
Why ‘Digital Wholesale Solutions’?
The name was chosen by our founder and chairman Matthew Riley to reflect the channel’s shift to more digital-based solutions.

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Managing >500,000 broadband, Ethernet, SIP, fixed line and networking services for our partners
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Looking after >500,000 business connections, with the best airtime, device and security packages
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Managing and billing more than 3bn minutes of voice services per annum, in the UK and worldwide
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IP Communications

The best hosted voice solution on the market, supporting >60,000 seats
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A suite of the best software as a service products

Product Supply

Simple, online hardware and software supply, as a service
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