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New V-IP licences for future-ready Single Line Voice
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V-IP Essentials

V-IP Essentials offers a basic, low-cost, dial-tone only service with pay as you go calls and simple voicemail. This licence can be used on any generic SIP device, enabling you to create your own proposition for your customers with hardware or, when teamed with a DWS Single Order Connectivity order, with a pre-configured router and ATA for seamless migration to All-IP.

V-IP Foundation

V-IP Foundation is an IP voice solution that offers a basic dial-tone only licence with some key features businesses need from their phone service, including the Webex softphone application for agile working. It also enables users to have a hybrid solution within one company, with both Foundation and the feature-rich Mobile User Licences to meet each user’s individual needs, making this an ideal solution for verticals such as hospitality and education.

V-IP Express

V-IP Express offers an inclusive call bundle alongside all the necessary calling features a small business might need. Users can seamlessly transition calls between their desk phone and purpose built mobile app without interrupting their calls, making this the ideal solution for small businesses such as high street retailers and sole traders on the move.

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