HV.Select with Cisco Webex Resource Centre

HV.Select with Cisco Webex Resource Centre

At Digital Wholesale Solutions we pride ourselves in offering our partners the best resources in the Channel for helping you transition your customers to All-IP, offering the best connectivity and hosted platforms in the UK wholesale market.

This resource centre offers everything our HV.Select partners need to make the most of your hosted seats with Cisco Webex. Webex is a market-leading collaboration and meeting tool as recognized in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant™ Meeting Solutions and Unified Communications as a Service, giving your customers more in their hosted seat price than any other provider, while we still offer 30-day terms, low cost monthly price, inclusive minutes* and much more!

*subject to fair use policy.

Getting Started

HV.Select Brochure

HV.Select hosted seat licences are available with Webex Basic inclusive in the licence price, and our Foundation licence offers the softphone. Download the brochure and the white labelled version to learn more about HV.Select and what it can do for their business.

Download Webex Data Sheets

Cisco Webex Data Sheet

These documents are the perfect two-page information sheets to give your customers a quick view of what their hosted seat with Cisco Webex can now offer. This document is also available in white labelled format, all you need to do is add your product name and logo before sharing with your customers.

Cisco Webex Battlecard

This set of documents give you the overview of information to do just that, the DWS battlecard has some top tips of what to ask your customers whilst our white labelled version has some common FAQs to help your customer make the decision to move to HV.Select with Cisco Webex.

Download Webex Presentation

Cisco Webex Presentation

A white labelled presentation introducing Cisco Webex for Broadworks and how it can benefit your customers. Download this slide deck and add your logo to take it straight out to your base and start selling.

User Guides

Download DWS Cisco Webex User Guide

Cisco Webex Application Partner User Guide

Cisco Webex Features Partner User Guide

White Labelled Cisco Webex Application User Guide

White Labelled Cisco Webex Features User Guide

Branding Guidelines

How to show that you’re a Webex provider
As a Channel Partner of BT Wholesale Hosted Communications (WHC) you are able to use the term “with Cisco Webex” when naming product offering. You cannot show the Cisco Webex logo in marketing materials nor pair with your own logo.

Channel Partner Product Name Co-branding Guidelines
When pairing with your Channel Partner product name, the phrase must always include “with Cisco Webex”, never “with Webex”. When referencing the product in marketing materials, always refer to the full product name in the first instance.

When referring only to Cisco Webex in copy, use full name (Cisco Webex) at first mention. May be referred to as “Webex” thereafter.

Cisco Webex Wordmark

Use this chart to determine where Cisco Webex can be shown.

Printed merchandise such as T-shirts, water bottles, mugs etc.
Specialized merchandise embroidered or engraved items
Business cards
Printed collateral such as adverts, flyers, signage, etc.
Trade show properties
Social media


Click below to download a pack of images for you to use in your own Webex marketing, including photos of people using the software.

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Existing Business Marketing

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