Fast. Future-Proof. Full Fibre.

Fast. Future-Proof.
Full Fibre.

Help your partners make the move to FTTP

FTTP, or Full Fibre, is the best broadband product on the market today, designed to future-proof homes and businesses in the lead up to the 2025 Great Switch Off and beyond.

WLR-based broadband services are no longer capable of supporting the rising demand for connectivity, and with Openreach ceasing all PSTN orders by December 2025, it’s important your customers are using the best technology to keep them connected.

At DWS, we’re at the forefront of the Connectivity First and All-IP Future. Our FTTP portfolio offers a range of solutions from both BT Wholesale and Vodafone Business, helping you choose the option that best suits your customers.

Fibre to the Premises

Openreach FTTP footprint

10.5m UK premises

enabled for FTTP

510,000 of these

are business sites

200,000 new premises

enabled per month

Full Fibre Bonus

Vodafone Full Fibre Bonus

We’re offering a £100 cash bonus on all new qualifying orders for Vodafone FTTP*. This incredible offer, paired with competitive new rentals, enables partners to grow their base while future-proofing customers against the Great Switch Off.

To find out how this offer can benefit you, click here to watch our webinar.

*Terms and Conditions

  • The Incentive applies to new connections only on the following Incentive Packages: VODA FTTP 80/20, VODA FTTP 115/20, VODA FTTP 220/30, VODA FTTP 550/75 and VODA FTTP 1,000/115.
  • The incentive does not apply to the following packages: VODA FTTP 0.5/0.5 & VODA FTTP 40/10.
  • If a connection moves away from a qualifying package within 36 month period then the incentive will be recovered.
  • The incentive is based upon the service being live for more than 36 months. If the service terminates within 24 months, DWS will recover 100% of the bonus.
  • If the service terminates between 24-36 months, DWS will recover 50% of the bonus.
  • The incentive is only applicable for new business to DWS.
  • All monthly rentals are 1-month terms.
  • Standard termination costs will still apply in the event of termination.
  • This offer is applicable for orders commencing 15th June 2022.
  • DWS reserve the right to withdraw this incentive at any time.

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