Employee Profile: Corey Bennington

Employee Profile:
Corey Bennington


Meet Corey Bennington, Service Delivery Specialist at Digital Wholesale Solutions

What do you love most about working for DWS?

The thing I love most about working for DWS is the team that I work with every day. We have such a good relationship and can go to each other about anything, whether it’s work related or not. I also believe DWS value me as an employee and really consider their employee’s wellbeing, especially in these challenging times.

What does your day-to-day role involve?

My day-to-day role is processing requests that our partners raise through our portals for the large networks such as O2 and EE. These requests can range from a SIM swap to an upgrade of their customer’s business mobile account, or sometimes they can raise more complex requests so it’s important for us to have the knowledge of the tariffs that we’re selling. But we are always on hand and ready to assist our partners and guide them through the process of getting requests completed.

What have you learnt during your time at DWS?

When I first started at DWS 3 ½ years ago I did not know much about telecoms, but within a few weeks I had already learnt so much about the industry, our partners, and the range of products we sell. I am so much more knowledgeable within my role here and regularly support and train my fellow colleagues.

Why would you recommend a role at DWS?

I would recommend a role at DWS because it is a great company to work for and the training you receive when you first start in a role is amazing. Whoever was to get a role would be made to feel welcome from the get-go and I believe they would make friends for life working at DWS. There are a lot of extra benefits of working here too, for example our social events are fantastic, whether this be in person when we’re allowed or virtually, and we also receive discounts at many high street and online stores. I have never felt lonely when working from home during the pandemic and it really shows just how much they care about their employees.


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