Frequently Asked Questions for Partners

Frequently Asked Questions for Partners

The information here is not to be considered legal advice, this is for guidance purposes only. You should seek your own independent legal advice.

  1. How do Ofcom regulate the industry?
    Using the rules outlined in the General Conditions of Entitlement. They take relevant enforcement action, such as fines, when there is a breach of these conditions.

  2. Do Ofcom offer any guidance to support companies to comply with the rules in the General Conditions of Entitlement?
    There are many different guidance documents provided by Ofcom, they are available throughout their website and are often used to support specific sections of the General Conditions of Entitlement. Some of the documents include specific example scenarios that can be used to help guide you in implementing the requirements.

  3. How do Ofcom define different customer types?
    Review the definitions section on the contents page of the General Conditions of Entitlement. Alternatively, click on any bold term within the main body of the text to be taken directly to the definition.

  4. Do DWS have to be signed up to an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) scheme?
    No, as DWS are a wholesale provider we do not have to be part of an ADR scheme. This responsibility sits with the communications provider serving the end-user.

  5. How do I know which product type a General Condition of Entitlement applies to?
    Each General Condition of Entitlement has a scoping section at the beginning. This scoping section states the applicable products.

  6. How do I keep up with Ofcom’s latest news and rule changes?
    You can subscribe to Ofcom’s update e-mails. These are sent regularly and will keep you informed of any important changes.

  7. Do DWS provide me with the necessary support to sign up to the Business Broadband Speeds Code of Practice?
    Yes, DWS can support you. We can provide the right broadband speeds information. This will help you to comply with some of the requirements set out in the Business Broadband Speeds Code of Practice.

  8. Can DWS offer me regulatory advice on whether I am compliant in specific circumstances?
    No, DWS do not offer regulatory advice as a service to our partners. This requires independent regulatory or legal advice.

  9. Where do I find information from Ofcom?
    Ofcom’s website contains the General Conditions of Entitlement, codes of practices and many other useful pieces of information or documentation. Ofcom also regularly provide updates via e-mail, see question 6.