SIP Trunking

The Great Debate: SIP Trunking vs. VoIP

If you’re a Communications Provider (CP) or an IT Provider, you will undoubtedly will be faced with a decision at some point on what to sell as your key voice communications strategy. By working closely with our partners, this is something I get asked all the time. Should I be Read more…

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5G: The Three Key Factors – Location

Today, I’ll be addressing the second key factor that will determine whether you can utilise a 5G service: your location. I’ll be answering the only relevant questions related to this contributing factor: “Is it available in my town?” and “If not now, when?” If you haven’t read the first instalment Read more…

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5G mobile

5G: Tantalisingly near… and yet so far

Over the last few months, and certainly more so since Vodafone’s 5G launch in early July, there have been floods of blogs and articles offering hype, excitement and promise around the innovation and change that is available right at your fingertips. Only it’s not, not quite yet anyway. Only a Read more…

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