Business Leaders’ Crisis Playbook

Business Leaders’ Crisis Playbook

How resilient is your customer base, sales pipeline, revenue and profits?

  • Free access to download the Business Leaders’ Crisis Playbook and attend a training webinar.
  • Build a data-backed picture of your organisation’s short, medium, and longer-term prospects.
  • Consider the options available to you and help you choose the right path for your future.
  • Create a practical action plan to move forward.

During the immediate crisis, we can help you build a tailored plan that identifies risk and opportunities specific to your business, customers and products.

To support our partners within the Telecoms and IT Channel during these times of business uncertainty during, Digital Wholesale Solutions is proud to be working alongside business development experts – LARATO, to offer a comprehensive and free of charge Business Leaders Crisis Playbook.

Straight forward and practical template

The playbook, developed by Dr Lucy Green, Managing Director of Larato Ltd, is a straight forward, practical, template provided in a booklet that enables partners to build a plan specific to their needs and situation. The intuitive process follows four main steps that are underpinned by adapting how your business engages with and influences others.

Real time and interactive visualisation of your business

The combination of business outcomes and real-time sales and pipeline data will give you an immediate visualisation of your current status and the impact of the crisis on four key areas of your business.

The outcomes of your current status will help inform and intelligently guide your thinking about your short and medium term options and strategy.

Your business plan

Your plan is unique to you and your business. There is no obligation to share any details with Digital Wholesale Solutions or Larato.

However, if you feel you need additional support to act on the outcomes and mitigating against any risk, the team at Digital Wholesale Solutions can work with partners on identifying new areas of product penetration, training and support. In addition, Dr Lucy Green and the team at Larato Ltd, will be available for ongoing business consultancy to help maximise the outcomes.

Watch the dedicated training video hosted by Dr Lucy Green, Managing Director, Larato Ltd, and Nathan Marke, Chief Digital Officer, Digital Wholesale Solutions.

Next steps:

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