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New Virtual-IP portfolio with three licence types to suit any customer
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What is V-IP?

V-IP, or Virtual-IP, is our new portfolio of Single Line Voice solutions designed with small businesses in mind. Utilising VoIP technology, it enables simple voice solutions comparable to WLR, with optional extras.

Liberate the landline with V-IP

Prepare for the All-IP world with our new portfolio of Single Line Voice solutions.

With three tiered licences coming soon, you can choose the solution that best suits your customers. Launching in September, V-IP Essentials, is a simple, low cost solution comparable to WLR services, offering basic dial tone and calling features, perfect for micro businesses that don’t need the complexity of a full UC solution.

Coming later this year, V-IP Express and V-IP Foundation are feature-rich solutions that integrate with our award-winning HV.Select platform, powered by BT, offering additional functionality so that you can meet the needs of every customer.

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