Introducing V-IP Essentials

Digital Wholesale Solutions is proud to introduce our new Single Line Voice Replacement licence, V-IP Essentials. V-IP, or Virtual-IP, has been created to prepare small businesses for the PSTN Switch Off in 2025, giving them a simple, low-cost IP voice solution.

Phone systems are going digital, with calls being carried over the internet instead of traditional analogue lines. The old PSTN and ISDN copper-based networks that support traditional phone lines are being withdrawn, meaning all businesses will need to transition IP voice if they want to continue to use voice services.

With our new V-IP Essentials licence, you can enhance your IP voice portfolio and address a new market of small and micro businesses who need to future-proof their communications.

What is V-IP Essentials?

V-IP Essentials is a dial-tone only licence with some key inclusive calling features and Pay-As-You-Go minutes. Offering all the traditional features businesses need from their phone service, including call barring, call forwarding and voicemail, Essentials is the perfect solution to migrate your sole trader or micro business customers to IP voice.

The Essentials licence is cost-effective and easy to deploy, whilst being extremely compatible and flexible. It allows users to maintain their current analogue equipment via router with ATA plus it’s compatible with all generic SIP devices.

This licence has been created by our Product Team to help you transition your customers to the All-IP future, meaning they are perfectly complemented by our Single Order broadband services, SOGEA and FTTP.

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