Prepare your EFM customers for the Great Switch Off with CityFibre

When the PSTN and ISDN are retired in 2025, all legacy copper connections will cease to work, meaning you need to migrate your base to future-ready solutions. While there’s plenty of information out there about the impact the switch off will have on voice and broadband, there’s one service that you might not know will be affected: Ethernet First Mile (EFM).

How is EFM affected?

EFM delivers connectivity via bundled copper pairs to provide higher overall bandwidths compared to broadband, over a standard copper connection. It is this copper network that is being switched off in 2025, which means any existing EFM connections will need to be replaced with a fibre solution to stay connected post-switch off.

At DWS, we understand that not all businesses can afford a full fibre Ethernet connection, nor do they necessarily need one, which is why we offer Fibre Flex from CityFibre, an affordable fibre Ethernet connection that offers gigabit-capable speeds that far outperform EFM while still remaining cost-effective.

What is Fibre Flex?

Fibre Flex is an ultra-competitive and innovative product that offers a symmetrical, guaranteed 200Mb service but allows the customer to use up to 1Gb whenever possible, at no extra cost. Run over CityFibre’s independent network, Fibre Flex differs from Dedicated Full Fibre Ethernet because it uses shared fibre within the tail end that is common between a small number of other customers, making it a more affordable option for your customers.

Having a pure fibre connection directly into the business premises gives your customers access to incredible speeds and reliability, but with Fibre Flex, this comes at a reasonable price. Full fibre services are also less susceptible to the effects of bad weather, experience fewer incidences of theft and are unaffected by electrical interference, making Fibre Flex much more reliable than EFM.

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