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Powerful new foldable phones for business

On 11th August 2021, Samsung unveiled their latest flagship device launch at their Unpacked event. Since then, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Galaxy Flip3 5G have been subject to a flood of positive reviews, from both consumers and those in the business world. You’ve probably seen mass advertising for these devices across many different channels. And although the major TV adverts are more focused on consumer, these two devices have a host of features which are tailored towards the B2B market too. In this article, we will explore some of the key business benefits of the Galaxy Z Series which could be of interest to your customers.

Foldable phones are not just the latest fad. They’re the newest, must-have, innovative mobile business devices that help you work faster, smarter, and more efficiently. With the development of phones, tablets, TVs, and monitors moving at pace in recent years, foldable technology is now where companies are focusing their attention and investment. In fact, 18 million shipments of foldable smartphones are expected by the end of 2022.

The versatility and flexibility you get from foldable devices helps you work more effectively, wherever you choose to work. They make it easier to change quickly between tasks and adapt to new ways of doing business. Being able to switch instantly from a phone to a tablet sized device, or just folding out to a larger screen, helps you multitask on the move with multiple apps at once. And you can see your work or content in all its glory, on a larger display. Foldable phones are going to be a significant part of the future. In fact, many leading tech firms such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify are optimising their services for foldable devices.

Supercharge productivity

Open the phone out and Flex Mode automatically rearranges apps to work in the flexed position – with the action on the top half and controls at the bottom. So, your customers can see a video call on one half, with the other half free for taking notes. Plus, with the Multi Window feature, users can have multiple apps open – letting them check emails, browse the web, and update reports all at once. The Galaxy Z Fold3 is also fully compatible with the S Pen, so taking notes or updating documents is as simple as scribbling on a notepad.

Experience the power of partnerships

Samsung’s unique partnership with Google means they’re able to optimise your customer’s Android apps – like Workspace, YouTube, and Evernote – to give them the best experience. They also partner with Microsoft to provide a fully optimised suite of key business apps, including Office 365, Teams and Outlook. Plus, with Samsung DeX on the Galaxy Z Fold3 customers can wirelessly connect their presentations to a big screen or work across multiple screens.

Connect faster than ever

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3 are fully equipped to tap into 5G connectivity. That means no more buffering when your customers are on video calls with their team – just crisp, clear catch ups. And they can say goodbye to painfully slow downloads. With the Galaxy Z Series devices, you can even share presentations and other key documents up to 20 times faster.

A new world unfolding

These two devices are ultra-thin, yet incredibly strong, with cutting-edge displays that unfold to reveal stunning Dynamic AMOLED 2X screens that show a company’s work off in its best light. The hinges are precise for super smooth movement. So, customers can open their phone out easily to read reports, check emails, prepare for presentations or join video calls without missing any details.

More power

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3 have dual batteries that pack enough power to keep going through even the busiest workday. Plus, revolutionary AI actively conserves energy for when users need it most. So, your customers can join an 8am meeting, work through to a 6pm video conference, and still have enough power to stream their favourite series on the commute home.

Safe and secure

Samsung Knox defence-grade security makes sure the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 or Galaxy Z Flip3 and a company’s sensitive data remains completely protected. Plus, with face recognition and the side fingerprint scanner, customers can rest assured that only authorised users will be able to access their device.

Space for everything

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 gives you all the storage your customers need with 256GB and 512GB memory variants, and choices of 128GB or 256GB with the Galaxy Z Flip3. This prevents your customers worrying about needing to delete all their documents, images, and apps. This means they can craft impressive presentations and standout reports on the go, without worrying about where to save them. Users can take professional images with the high-resolution front and rear cameras and store them along with other important documents.


It’s clear to say that Samsung has once again delivered in producing truly ground-breaking and innovative devices which host all the key features needed for a business mobile device. The Galaxy Z Series has to be one of their biggest and most exciting launches to date and is sure to the change up the business market and open us up to a new way of working.

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