All Around the World with DWS

To continue promoting a happy, healthy and energised team during the lockdown, the People Team at DWS decided to embark on an ambitious Around the World challenge.

The goal was to work together as a team and cover the distance it would take to travel around the World, a huge 24,901 miles.

With the help of the Strava app, we were able to keep a record of all activities and distances travelled. Whether it be 1 mile or 100 miles done through walking, hiking, cycling or running, every step counted.

Most importantly, the challenge aimed to raise awareness and encourage the team to stay active, spend time outdoors away from their screens and ultimately boost physical and mental health.

In a year where travel has been limited, we are able to say we’ve travelled the World together, which is a huge achievement; well done team DWS!

‘During a tough winter, the mental and physical well-being and happiness of our teams was a priority at DWS. The ‘Around the World Challenge’ was an awesome way to bring us together on a team task to encourage people to have some time away from their screens, partake in some exercise, and work towards a collective goal!

The team members helped encourage each other to get out there, and we all walked, cycled and ran 24,901 miles to get us from Dudley UK all around the World, visiting Australia, China, Spain, to name a few and all the way back round to Dudley on our epic winter challenge! I am so proud of the 120 DWS team members that took part and embraced every step!’

Kelly Carver – Head of Engagement at DWS

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