Why Samsung rugged devices are the ideal choice for transport and logistics

Speed, efficiency and cost effectiveness have always been important in the transport and logistics sector. But in today’s fast-moving world they’re mission critical.

Advanced communications technology has revolutionised and streamlined everything from stock control to track and trace. Mobile connectivity has become an essential component in the supply chain and will play an increasingly important role as the Internet of Things evolves over the coming years.

With all this in mind, there’s one burning question. How do you make sure that the mobile devices your frontline teams rely on are as robust and secure as they need to be to keep getting the job done – day in, day out?

The answer is rugged mobile technology from Samsung. Easy to use, hard to break, Samsung rugged devices are designed to maintain excellent performance even in the most demanding conditions.

Standard smartphones and tablets are simply not made to handle the rigours of settings such as a busy warehouse or an HGV on the road. In 2018, research by Mintel found that no less than 24% of smartphones in the UK had suffered broken screens in the preceding two years.

With Samsung rugged devices you get much greater durability without having to compromise on looks, feel or functionality. With options ranging from the sleek, stylish Galaxy XCover Pro and XCover 5 smartphones to the compact Galaxy Tab Active3 and the larger Galaxy Tab Active Pro, you can choose the ideal device for all kinds of transport and logistics tasks, from inventory management to digital signatures.

Rugged yet agile

Delivery drivers need handheld devices that are lightweight and easy to use. But those handsets also need to stand up to vibrations, extreme temperatures and accidental drops, not to mention the vagaries of the British weather or possible contamination with substances such as sand or chemicals.

Samsung’s range of rugged devices are purpose-built to withstand shocks and are water and dust resistant. In fact, they’re built to an international standard of IP68 and the highest military standard for survivability and endurance. But they’re also super-touch-sensitive, so can easily be operated even through gloves. That means you get ease of use and less risk of damage, with potential savings on repairs or replacement and a lower total cost of ownership.

Maximum security

Security is a key issue in transport and logistics, whether you’re moving building materials, consumer goods or people. Any supply chain can be vulnerable to online crime or unauthorised access, but such threats can be increased significantly when many people are accessing systems via many devices in a range of locations or on the go.

State-of-the-art Samsung Knox military-grade security is built into all Samsung rugged devices, reducing the risk of hacking or cyber-attacks. It’s backed up by biometric face and fingerprint authentication to provide an extra layer of protection.

Advanced functionality

In today’s smart warehouses, technology is enabling huge efficiencies and creating cost savings. Samsung rugged devices feature high-performance camera functions, as well as barcode and RFID scanners. That means simplified inventory management and improved accuracy of picking for deliveries.

Complete peace of mind

Staying in control of a large fleet of mobile devices can be a headache. But not when you choose Samsung Galaxy rugged smartphones and tablets. They all come with Enterprise Edition, a complete package of technology and services to give you flexibility, back-up and future proofing. You can configure, update, deploy and run your mobile fleet at scale and there’s three years of enhanced support to give you complete peace of mind.

In the dynamic, challenging and highly competitive world of transport and logistics, employees need mobile devices that combine excellent performance with exceptional durability. Samsung rugged devices deliver just what you need.

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