How Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition can drive your mobile strategy

The shift to remote working caused by the coronavirus pandemic looks set to be the new normal for many companies.

Financial services companies are at the forefront of the shift to home and hybrid working. A recent survey by KPMG and the Financial Services Skills Commission found that over half of the UK financial services workforce want to work from home for at least part of the week on a permanent basis.

This transformation in the world of work comes with challenges. With massively increased reliance on mobile connectivity and cloud-based working, companies need to take control of their mobile strategies, not to mention ensuring they can maintain high levels of security to protect sensitive data.

There’s a simple solution. Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition is an integrated package of mobile technology and services which makes protecting and managing your mobile fleet much easier. Available for a wide range of high-performance Samsung smartphones and tablets, it keeps your whole team productive, secure and connected, wherever they’re working. And with Enterprise Edition devices ranging from the latest Galaxy S21 to the more affordable A Series, Samsung have models to suit every budget.

Easy set-up and management

Successful financial services businesses respond effectively to changes in demand. That means being able to scale up your staff and resources quickly and efficiently.

Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition comes with Knox Suite, which ensures your mobile devices are business-ready out of the box. It gives you a complete set of tools to deploy and manage all your smartphones and tablets quickly and easily. Users can be up and running as soon as they turn on their devices, no matter where they are.

Enhanced security

Over half of Enterprise Edition users cite enhanced security as a key benefit. Incidences of phishing and online fraud continue to increase every year and, obviously, financial services businesses are key targets for hackers and cyber criminals. To empower more flexible working, you need to know that your communications channels are safe, secure and compliant from end to end.

The military-grade Knox security platform is built in to all Samsung Enterprise Edition devices. That means they’re secure from the get-go. Multi-layered hardware and software security features include data encryption and isolation that protect every device against unauthorised access, malware and online threats.

You also get four years of regular firmware updates, so you can be sure all your mobile devices are up to date with the latest security and maintenances patches.

Reliability and continuity

Maintaining great customer service is vital in the highly competitive financial services marketplace. Customers have plenty of choice and may switch to one of your rivals if they have a bad experience.

Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition helps you maintain the integrity of your business model. A two-year product life ensures consistency for device users and easier management for IT teams. Three years enhanced support and a next-day device replacement service reduces the risk of costly downtime or reduction in service levels.

Value for money

To survive in today’s competitive marketplace, as a financial services company you don’t only need to deliver excellent service. You also need to streamline your costs, maintain profitability and take your business confidently into the future.

Samsung Enterprise Edition’s integrated suite of management tools enables you to empower your employees to work smarter without compromising on service standards. There’s no need for major upfront capital investment and your mobile strategy is automatically future proofed. You can extend the lifetime value of your mobile devices and reduce total cost of ownership.

No other industry has benefited more from advanced communications technology than financial services. With fast 5G connectivity and the paradigm shift to remote working, a robust mobile strategy is crucial for any business to remain agile, competitive and profitable.

Enterprise Edition makes configuring, deploying and protecting your mobile fleet fast, easy and cost effective. It’s the best of Samsung, packaged for your business.

Do you have customers working in financial services? Check out our Samsung Enterprise Edition for Financial Services page to find out more.

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