Android Enterprise Recommended

Android Enterprise Recommended – The Breakdown

In today’s market, business customers are looking for more from their fleet of devices. No longer is the requirement just for a fancy camera, but guaranteed all-round performance, security and lifespan of a device. Google recognise this need and in 2018 launched Android Enterprise Recommended.

What is Android Enterprise Recommended?

It’s important to first note that Android Enterprise Recommended is in relation to Google’s OS, Android, not their hardware. It runs across devices from multiple manufacturers including Cat Phones, Nokia, Sony and Xiaomi.

Android Enterprise Recommended is not a solution or product, but more a seal of approval that says, “this device is ready for enterprise customers”. It’s a shortlist of devices and providers that meet Google’s strict Enterprise requirements and ensures your customers can feel comfortable about setting their business up on mobile.

The key aspects to Android Enterprise Recommended are as follows:

Enterprise-grade features and expertise

Every device on the list meets strict requirements for both hardware and software and every partner Google works with is trained and supported accordingly.

Consistent ways to manage

With Android Enterprise Recommended, it’s easy to scale and support your customer’s mobile fleet. Standardised features let your customers manage devices seamlessly and consistently, every time, no matter how many they deploy.

Regular security updates

Know that your customers’ devices are up to date. Android Enterprise Recommended means that they get timely security patches and major updates guaranteed.

As mentioned above, Android Enterprise Recommended is a seal of approval from Google. Customers can buy an Android Enterprise Recommended device with full confidence that they are getting a device with suitable memory and performance, multiple options for deployment, regular security patches, a wealth of apps to choose from on the Google Play Store and a guaranteed Android OS update.

DWS works with a number of manufacturers who supply the latest Android Enterprise Recommended devices, including Nokia – boasting the broadest range of any – Sony and Cat Phones. The list of Android Enterprise Recommended devices is expansive, but here are some popular choices that are all available from Digital Wholesale Solutions:

    • Cat S42
    • Cat S62 Pro
    • Google Pixel 3a
    • Google Pixel 4
    • Google Pixel 4a
    • Nokia 1.3
    • Nokia 5.3
    • Nokia 6.2
    • Nokia 7.2
    • Nokia 8.3 5G
    • Nokia 9 PureView
    • Sony Xperia 10
    • Sony Xperia 1 II

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