Future-proof your fixed line base with SIP2teams

As the 2025 deadline for the withdrawal of the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) draws closer, we are seeing an uptick in the number of businesses using UC tools such as Microsoft Teams, but are these businesses also embracing hosted telephony as an alternative to traditional lines and calls?

UC applications are a great stepping stone towards hosted telephony, but it shouldn’t stop there. Businesses who utilise applications like Teams are able to communicate internally using IP telephony, making calls over the internet, within the app. With SIP2teams from Digital Wholesale Solutions, you can transform the way your customers communicate as they connect to the PSTN through Teams, enabling them to make calls to external recipients that don’t use the app.

Using Direct Routing, SIP2teams gives you the opportunity to protect and future-proof your existing Fixed Line base including your Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) and Carrier Pre Select (CPS) base, helping them prepare for the PSTN switch off while providing exciting new features that will boost their productivity.

As a partner looking to sell SIP2teams, you have two options to choose from – Wholesale SIP or HV.Select SIP.

SIP2teams with Wholesale SIP

The first option is to set up SIP trunks for your customers that can then be plugged into Teams. SIP Trunking gives you the ability to make and receive calls using IP technology without needing to completely replace your PBX, making it the natural replacement for fixed lines while offering greater flexibility and resilience at a lower price point.

With our Wholesale SIP product, you can start your customers on their journey to future-proof hosted telephony, while offering additional functionality within Teams. Bringing a dial pad to the Teams application, SIP2teams will transform your customers’ favourite UC app into a phone system with all the features they get through their traditional phone line and more, including fraud protection and call analytics.

SIP2teams with HV.Select SIP

For customers that need more from their phone system, you can offer HV.Select SIP with SIP2teams. A hybrid IP telephony solution, HV.Select SIP gives customers enhanced SIP features like no other provider. More than just a voice solution, HV.Select offers advanced features, including Hunt Groups, Auto Attendants and Click-to-Dial, all available in Teams through our Direct Routing solution.

Furthermore, when you start selling HV.Select SIP, you have the option to uplift partners to fully hosted seats when they are ready, ensuring that they are well-prepared for the termination of the PSTN.

Why SIP2teams?

There are many Teams Direct Routing solutions out there, including Microsoft’s own offerings, however we believe that SIP2teams is the best option for our partners.

First, let’s look at Microsoft’s options. Microsoft Business Voice boasts lots of great features; it has the capability to provide a phone system with conferencing, packaged to include domestic calls; for the UK, this includes UK local, national and mobile. However, if you want to dial other numbers, you’ll need to buy pre-paid communication credits and the pence per minute rates on these calls can be steep, compared to what we are used to.

With Direct Routing from DWS, you can use Business Voice without Microsoft’s restrictive Calling Plans. SIP2teams offers more inclusive minutes and lower cost calls to international and other UK numbers, with no requirement for pre-paid calling credit.

SIP2teams is also more versatile, bringing additional functions into Teams. With the Microsoft Phone System, 10% of users are forced to retain their existing PBX due to limited functionalities, however we can bring these features into Teams, meaning there is no need for any on-site hardware.

Key features and benefits:

> Future-proof solution

Help your customers prepare for the 2025 PSTN withdrawal

> Advanced calling features

Including Call Analytics, Advanced Hunt Groups, Call Recording and more, when using HV.Select SIP

> All your customers’ communications functions in one place

Make internal and external calls all from the same app

> No need to be selling Microsoft

You can sell SIP2teams without being a Microsoft partner

> Easy integration

Getting your customers set up with SIP and integrated with Teams is all done by our in-house experts

> Competitive pricing

Stay ahead of the market with inclusive minutes and affordable out of bundle costs

> Call any time, anywhere

All call types are supported in SIP2teams

> Save on maintenance

With no CPE, customers don’t need to worry about maintenance costs

The market opportunity

2020 has seen a rapid emergence and reliance of integrated voice and collaboration technology, such as Microsoft Teams. With 7 million Teams users in the UK alone as of March 2020, but only 8% enabled for voice, it’s clear to see that Direct Routing brings a huge market opportunity for our partners. Factor in the approaching PSTN switch off and your customer base who still need to move to VoIP, and you’ve got a ready-made target market to take advantage of. The potential for cross-selling SIP2teams with HV.Select is huge, enabling our partners to become the sole provider of their customers’ essential communications solutions.

What’s more, you don’t need to be a Microsoft Partner to sell SIP2teams, meaning you can access a wider network of Microsoft users, offering a product with more features and better value than Microsoft’s own solution.

Why DWS for Direct Routing?

Trusted advisor

Over 20 years of Channel experience providing Voice

Feature-rich hybrid VoIP

HV.Select can work with Teams to meet all your customers’ needs

Bespoke solution

Build the solution that works for you and your customers

Secure & reliable

Resilient service and Fraud Spend limits to protect customers

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