Why the Samsung Galaxy S20 range is great for business

The Samsung Galaxy S20 range has arrived, and with it the usual fanfare from consumers looking for the latest and greatest devices. And the hype is justified – 5G connectivity is available across all three devices (subject to region and compatible tariff), it delivers all day battery and has arguably the best camera available on a smartphone today. But the S20 range isn’t just for the B2C market, it has a number of features that’ll satisfy those in the business world too, including tools for productivity, enhanced security with Samsung Knox and Galaxy Enterprise Edition on the S20 and S20+ – a complete package of mobile technology and services. You can find more information on Galaxy Enterprise Edition with our latest podcast here.

Introducing the Range

The Samsung Galaxy S20 range is business ready, allowing you to seamlessly switch from work to home. It’s made up of the Samsung Galaxy S20 (4G or 5G), S20+ 5G and S20 Ultra 5G. Each device is packed with useful technology that learns your workflow and supports your habits, with features such as intelligent battery, adaptive display and Bixby routines. It’s the perfect phone for maximising your working day and managing your business on the move.

Trusted for Work

When you use your phone for work, you need a device you can count on. The Galaxy S20 keeps your data safe, with defence grade security . And it’s always ready to work, with the intelligent battery giving you the power to work between multiple apps.

Like every good assistant, the Galaxy S20 makes it easier to switch between tasks – learning your routines, so the tools you need are ready and waiting on your screen. Plus, ultimate connectivity means you’ll always be kept in the loop, wherever you’re working.*

*5G functionality requires compatible network connection and tariff

The Galaxy S20 is always ready to work, with the intelligent battery giving you the power to work between multiple apps. And if your battery goes flat, Super Fast Charge gets you up and running fast.

The Galaxy S20 is tough, inside and out. You can work anywhere, even extreme environments with IP68 protection against water.*

While defence-grade Knox security protects from the inside, encrypting all your data. And you can trust your phone to keep your work private, with fingerprint and facial recognition unlocking, so the only person who can open your device is you.

I was able to adjust the exposure balance before I took the photo, helping me in even the most challenging of circumstances. There was no need for any additional editing software which is great for a novice photographer like me.

Ultimate Connectivity
Whether you’re working on the move or at the office, you can search, stream and download uninterrupted with 5G and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity.**

Always have a stable connection, with automatic switching from Wi-Fi to data, based on your preferences. And you can tap to share files with colleagues close by, even when you don’t have data or Wi-Fi.

*IP68 certification is water resistance up to 1.5 metres for up to 30 minutes and dust, direct and sand resistant

**5G functionality requires compatible network connection and tariff

Optimised for productivity

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is optimised for your workflow. It has all the tools you need to be productive on the go, and plenty of storage for the work you create.

When you’re back at your desk, Samsung DeX lets you use your mobile like a PC. So you can work on your Microsoft documents from exactly where you left off, and zoom in on detail on a larger screen.

Work on your mobile just as you would on your PC, with Microsoft productivity apps, pre-installed onto your device and fully optimised for use on mobile.

And get more done every day with a helping hand from Bixby Voice and Routines. Bixby adopts your schedule from home to work, and makes changes to boost efficiency, like swapping your screen shortcuts based on your location, or turning on Do Not Disturb mode when you’re connected to Samsung DeX.

Device Consolidation

Optimised for a mobile office with DeX and VDI, link to Windows, My Files.

Optimised for single device use with eSIM/dual SIM, mPOS for payment and barcode scanning.

Optimised for creation with Storage and camera.

Ready for Business

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is the most business-ready premium Galaxy phone. It has features to support every aspect of your working day, including easy access to your favourite work apps -whether they’re for creating documents or tracking your accounts, QR business cards for networking, and a professional quality camera to capture new ideas.

And with 5G set to change the way you do business, this phone will you take advantage of everything 5G has to offer.*

To get more from your Galaxy S20, choose Enterprise Edition, it gives you access to dedicated technical support and ensures your whole mobile fleet is always ready for work.

**5G functionality requires compatible network connection and tariff


The Galaxy S20 is ready for business, with built in features like business card creator, which lets you share your contact details via QR code. And a professional quality camera to capture new ideas when inspiration strikes.

Get more from your Galaxy S20 with Enterprise Edition, a complete package of mobile technology and services that give you more choice, more control and more protection. Enterprise Edition makes configuring, deploying and updating devices quicker and simpler –so you can spend more time focusing on work.

All Enterprise Edition devices are available for an extended period, helping you ensure consistency across your fleet. And as an Enterprise Edition customer, you can get a helping hand from Samsung’s enterprise specialists, whenever you and your users need expert advice and updates on any new features.

Future Proof with 5G and WiFi 6

Experience a whole new world of connectivity with the S20 5G variants. 5G is set to change the way you do business. So, you need an intelligent phone that helps you take advantage of everything 5G has to offer. A phone that gives you blazing quick data speeds and ultra-low latency –letting you download documents in a flash, stream videos and work securely wherever you are.*

**5G functionality requires compatible network connection and tariff

So there you have it. A range of features and improved functionality that make the S20 the ultimate device range for business customers.

If you’re interested in taking the Samsung Galaxy S20 range out to your customers, get in touch and we’ll contact you as soon as we can.

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