Mobile Case Study: Bespoke Portal Solution


An existing partner of Digital Wholesale Solutions, selling mobile and connectivity solutions, was recently faced with a challenge when trying to secure a new mobile opportunity. They analysed the customer’s needs and came up with a bespoke portal solution that would meet their requirements. In order to create this solution, they wanted to work with a reliable supplier that could develop a portal that they were confident would be up to their high standards.

The Challenge

The partner was working to close a deal for circa 1,500 mobile connections for an end user business. They required an own-branded portal to address mobile management and billing requirements for this specific opportunity.

As this was a new, bespoke solution that the reseller had no prior experience with, they had concerns about the functionality and quality of the product. “The main risk we faced, once we had won the opportunity, was delivering the product on time and fit for purpose. There were delays and challenges that had to be overcome throughout the implementation process, as is often the case with complex requirements and tight timescales,” they said.

The Process

After considering many options for the project, the partner chose to collaborate with DWS.

“We trust DWS to deliver against their promises, whatever it takes, with a strong focus on adding value throughout the process. There are also synergies between the solution we wanted to deliver and existing solutions that DWS have in their portfolio, allowing us to achieve the objective within a short time frame at a reasonable cost.”

They liaised with their Mobile Specialist, Jason Lanns, to deliver the solution and worked with the development and billing teams at DWS to build the portal. The core functionalities required were billing, reporting, alerts and notifications, new connections, bars and restrictions and SIM swaps.

The Result

An unforeseen last minute issue meant the portal had to go live earlier than planned, in order to meet the end user requirement. This meant they had to trust that the quality of the product would be suitable without completing the full testing process. Our experience working collaboratively with the partner, and our understanding of their needs meant that the required end result was achieved without many changes being required, allowing them to go live on the required date. The portal has enabled the partner to add further value for their customer through cost control and management in the portal, reducing their out of bundle costs by 90-95% by implementing predictable invoices in line with the proposed costs.

“We were successful in securing the opportunity that was the catalyst for this engagement with DWS. However, the product was built with other customers in mind, so we have already rolled that out to other customers and it forms part of our portfolio for new business,” said the partner representative. “The portal has worked very well to date, from a performance and functionality perspective and we are looking forward to working with DWS on phase 2, where we will be looking to use our knowledge of the product to drive further enhancements to add even more value for our customers.”


“We have been a DWS partner for many years and have seen a dramatic improvement in the product portfolio, account management, support and interfaces over that time. We now rate DWS as our best partner because they deliver a tailored service to the Channel, which enables us to secure and retain customers. The range of products allows us to benefit from the relationship in other areas through cost efficiencies, streamlined processes and a single point of contact for account management, billing and other key business functions.”

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