One Net Business Case Study


Based in Cardiff, Capital Communications is one of the leading business communications specialists in South Wales. The company provides an extensive range of mobile and fixed line solutions to a wide range of customers, from sole traders and SMEs to large companies with multiple users. Capital Communications has been a Digital Wholesale Solutions partner since 2012.

The Challenge

In today’s fast-moving, super-connected world, business customers are looking for simple, one-stop solutions. This means one supplier for all of their communication needs, giving them confidence, efficiency and cost control with straightforward, integrated solutions that promote business continuity.

With these key market drivers in mind, Capital Communications was looking for a product that delivered a total fixed line and mobile communications solution for their customers. In an increasingly competitive and crowded marketplace, Capital Communications was also aware of the vital need to build customer loyalty and promote retention.

With ISDN due to become obsolete in 2025, the long term challenge is to evolve all customers from legacy analogue technology to next-generation IP telephony.

The Solution

Vodafone One Net Business is a secure, cloud-based system which provides the seamless integration of landline and mobile communications. Users can communicate more efficiently, work more productively and collaborate more effectively across a wide range of devices, from desktop PCs to mobile phones and tablets.

Suitable for organisations of any size, One Net Business addresses the challenges of today’s business communications marketplace. It is an integrated fixed line and mobile solution that enables businesses to take advantage of converged communications without significant investment in technology or infrastructure. It connects landline and mobile communications to improve the productivity and efficiency of employees, from anywhere, at any time, using any device.

With contract terms of up to five years, One Net Business also promotes customer retention, helping partners with a strategy to build long-term customer relationships as a trusted supplier.

One Net Business is also backed by an attractive and highly competitive commercial offering from Digital Wholesale Solutions. This enables partners to sell the product effectively.

The Process

Following the product launch, One Net Business was pitched to Capital Communications by a Digital Wholesale Solutions Product Specialist and Business Development Manager.

In-depth accreditation training was then offered by Vodafone and this gave Paul at Capital Communications the knowledge and confidence he needed to present the solution to potential customers. He then consulted with Digital Wholesale Solutions to refine the offering and ensure each customer received an attractive and compelling proposition.

Capital Communications targeted both existing customers and referrals. Face-to-face follow-up meetings were arranged with potential customers to discuss their needs and objectives in more detail.

The Results

Selling One Net Business has enabled Capital Communications to identify and pursue important new business opportunities. This is a high-profile product, supported by Digital Wholesale Solutions and Vodafone, which perfectly meets the demands of the market. This means partners can sell with ease and assurance.

As a market-leading solution, One Net Business serves as a strong platform on which to build a relationship with a new customer. It is also a useful selling tool in developing stronger relationships with existing customers.

By selling One Net Business, Capital Communications can position themselves as a major supplier for converged communications. Set up and deployment is straight-forward and risk free, supported by Vodafone and Digital Wholesale Solutions.

By having a firm understanding of One Net Business, gained from invaluable training delivered by Digital Wholesale Solutions and Vodafone, Paul at Capital Communications is able to deal with queries and requests himself. This, in turn, means he can add value on a continual basis for his customers, meaning they no longer need to go direct to the network for support. Where Capital Communications cannot answer any questions put to them, Digital Wholesale Solutions and a dedicated Vodafone One Net team are on hand to help.

With potential earnings of up to 40% revenue share per connection, and seasonal incentives, One Net Business is a highly profitable product offering for Capital Communications.

“One Net Business has raised our profile considerably. It has enabled us to approach major local businesses with an attractive integrated communications proposition that suits their needs perfectly, giving us a strong competitive advantage. We’ve also won a significant amount of new business through recommendation. Naturally, all of this has had a positive commercial impact on our business. With Digital Wholesale Solutions ongoing support, I believe we’ll continue to sell One Net Business for years to come.”
Paul Furnival, Capital Communications

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