CES 2020: 5 Weird and Wonderful Gadgets

Mobile phones, smart home devices and televisions might be the headline grabbers at CES 2020, but it wouldn’t be CES without the parade of weird and unusual gadgets on display.

Robots, rotating televisions and lots more tech that requires the internet were announced, and while we may never see some of the inventions come to existence in our daily lives, here is our pick of the bunch.

Samsung rotating TV

Think portrait mode, but for your TV. At CES 2020, Samsung announced the SERO TV, a TV that automatically spins around to display vertically.

Already available in Korea, the TV designed to allow viewers to cast vertical video, from sources such as YouTube and Instagram, to the television. Samsung suggests it’s great for sharing photos with a crowd, rather than passing around a phone – just make sure you delete that photo from your work’s Christmas party…

Kohler Moxie Showerhead with Alexa

Tech enthusiasts can now enjoy a shower with Alexa – the voice assistant from Amazon that is.

The Kohler Moxie Showerhead is a circular ring showerhead with an Alexa-enabled speaker slot in the middle. The speaker detaches for charging (obviously) and allows users to sing along to their favourite playlist or be read the news as they prepare for the day.

It’s waterproof and should last around six hours on a full charge, making getting out of the shower on a Monday morning even more difficult.

Petit Qoobo

The Petit Qoobo from Yukai Engineering is a headless robot cat…

And while this may sound crazy, the idea behind it is commendable. It’s soft, squeezable, has a wagging tail and even purrs – designed for those who cannot have pets, such as care home residents or those with severe allergies.

Redison Sentroke Drum Pads

Drum roll please…

The Senstroke Drum Pads set from Redison is for the budding musicians in your life. It’s a smartphone-enabled virtual drum kit that works by attaching sensors to drumsticks, allowing users to play drums anywhere. The app replicates the noise of drums and can even record your Phil Collins inspired performances.

Pretty cool, we think.

Atmos Facewear

If air pollution is a real concern and what you look like isn’t, then the Atmos Facewear device might be for you. It’s a personal air filter that you wear around the nose and mouth and is likened to a cool breeze across the face. Its founders claim that it is 50 times more effective than existing facemasks.

Oh, and it connects to an app that collects information on ambient air quality. Of course it does.

So, there you have it, five of the strangest devices seen at CES 2020 so far.

You can find out more about CES on the official website: www.ces.tech

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