5G Forum in Partnership with O2

On Friday 29th November, we held an event in partnership with O2, giving mobile partners the opportunity to learn more about 5G from one of the leading UK mobile networks. Taking place at the O2 headquarters in Slough, it was a fantastic opportunity for partners to come together to discuss the next generation of mobile connectivity.

The event opened with an introduction from our CEO, Terry O’Brien, talking about our partnership with O2 and why are proud to work with the network. Next, O2’s Head of Business Partners, Jason Phillips, explained why working with O2 is a smart decision for growing businesses, before their technical team took over to present the Network Story and answer our partners burning questions around 5G.

The thought-provoking presentation inspired a lot of debate around 5G and how best to market it in the SMB sector. While incredible applications have been widely reported, such as remote surgery and smart motorways, our partners have been struggling to understand how it will benefit their customers’ businesses on a day to day basis.

Although the technology is still in its infancy, it’s important to be able to understand the benefits to generate excitement around the opportunity. Higher speeds and lower latency are the primary advantages of 5G however, it’s important to remember that, in these early stages, it is difficult to predict exactly how it will affect businesses across all industries.

One of the big questions put to the representatives from both DWS and O2 was “Will 5G replace fixed data solutions?” While the general consensus was that it will work in tandem with traditional broadband services, it’s clear that, for start ups, mobile businesses and industries, such as construction, with no fixed office, 5G will revolutionise the way they work. Providing a reliable, always-on connection, 5G will enable businesses to stay connected and increase productivity from anywhere, at any time.

Following the lively Q&A session around 5G and what we can do to help our partners sell it, attendees were able to continue the discussion over lunch, getting valuable face to face time with Terry, Jason and some of our mobile sales team.

We’ve had some great feedback on the event and hope that we can support more partners with these forums in future. If you have a subject idea for a future session, please let us know via the contact form below.

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