12 days of Christmas with DWS: FREE ISDN to SIP Gateway

On the eighth day of Christmas, Digital Wholesale Solutions gave to me… a FREE ISDN to SIP gateway device!

Open the door to SIP Trunking for incompatible on-premise PBX customers with ISDN to SIP Converters. We’re offering a free ISDN to SIP gateway device to partners who purchase One and Only Broadband with HV.Select SIP on a 36 month term.

What are ISDN to SIP Converters?

ISDN to SIP Converters are hardware devices that allow the conversion of BRI (ISDN2) and PRI (ISDN30) PBX Telephone Systems to be able to use IP Technology.

How do they work?

The way most business customers make calls over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is quite simple. The PBX is linked directly to ISDN termination boxes and routed out over to the local telephone network. These converters replace the need for the ISDN by converting the signals to SIP and routing the call over the internet.

Why use them?

There are 3 circumstances in which we would recommend these devices:

  • The existing PBX can only support BRI or PRI signalling and the End User (EU) does not want to replace it
  • The existing PBX can support SIP but the SIP licensing costs are too expensive
  • The customer might not be ready to make that leap to a fully Hosted Platform but needs to move away from ISDN services

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